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VIKAN ColorCore - 10 x Deck Scrub with Hard Bristle Stiffness - 300mm

Vikan ColorCore Range – Deck Scrub Brush

  • Width: 300mm
  • Bristle Stiffness: Hard
  • Colours: Black, Green, Blue, White, Yellow and Red
  • Total-Colour Construction – Easier visual identification
  • EU/FDA Compliant Materials – Safe for food contact when used within stated limits
  • Lower Up-Front Cost – Value-oriented tools lower the barrier of entry into a colour-coding system
  • Commercial Grade – Best for lighter use in smaller areas like restaurants, hotels, commercial kitchens and local authorities
  • Declarations of Compliance for the Entire Range – One compliance document that applies to all tools


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ColorCore – Deck Scrub Brush with Hard Bristle Stiffness

A balance of value, durability, and effectiveness for facilities management, caterers, restaurants, hotels, local authorities, and light industrial facilities.

The ColorCore range provides users with a balance of cost, durability, and effectiveness that is well-suited for facilities management, catering environments, restaurants, hotels, local authorities, and light industrial facilities.

ColorCore Features

• A good balance of value, durability, and effectiveness
• An assortment of 14 tools, each available in 5-6 colours to help meet the most basic cleaning
• Economically priced tools for lighter cleaning tasks
• Total-colour construction that can help minimise the risk of cross-contamination by making it
easier to properly identify and store tools


Suggested Applications

• Adding colour-coding to 5S lean programmes used in general manufacturing
• Separating cleaning tools by use (cleaning a staff room versus bathrooms)
• Identifying tools that belong in specific areas (restaurant kitchens versus dining rooms)
• General cleaning in commercial facilities like retail stores and office buildings


The ColorCore Range Consists of:

SKU 192-001 – PN: 29401 – 1300 mm Aluminium Handle
SKU 192-002 – PN: 29411 – 1500 mm Aluminium Handle
SKU 192-003 – PN: 31311- Broom, 300 mm, Soft
SKU 192-004 – PN: 31321 – Broom, 300 mm, Medium
SKU 192-005 – PN: 31631 – Broom, 600 mm, Soft
SKU 192-006 – PN: 35881 – Scrubbing Brush, 170 mm, Hard
SKU 192 -007 – PN: 36611 – Deck Scrub, 300 mm, Hard
41071 – Washing Brush with Short Handle, 300 mm, Hard
42811 – Dish Brush, 185 mm, Medium
45111 – Bench Brush, 300 mm, Medium
55811 – Dustpan, 270 mm
64331 – Nail Brush, 95 mm, Medium
78451 – Floor Squeegee, 450 mm
78551 – Floor Squeegee, 550 mm




Vikan is the world’s leading supplier of hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry and other hygiene-sensitive environments. With headquarters in Denmark and over a century of experience, they amassed the industry’s biggest bank of hygiene and regulatory insights, and used this to develop the world’s most effective professional cleaning tools and advisory services. All to make sure that their customers can deliver each and every product they manufacture with pride and confidence.

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