Krause Corda 2 Part Combination Ladder

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Krause Corda 2 Part Combination Ladder

Two-section aluminium multi-purpose ladder as single, extension and step ladder

  • Completely profiles rungs
  • Steel guiding profiles enable a comfortable extension of the ladder
  • Wide stabilizer for a safe standing
  • Each ladder section can be used separately
  • Anti-slip foot caps
  • Self-locking hooks prevent unintentional detachment during use and transport
  • Maximum load of 150 kg
  • TÜV approved

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Krause Corda 2 Part Combination Ladder

Versatile and lightweight, Krause Corda 2 part combination ladder can be used as a leaning ladder, single ladder, free-standing ladder.

Incredibly quick to set up, it can be easily carried between jobs making it ideal for most jobs.

Certified to EN131 Professional.

Available Options:

  • PN: 030283 2 x 8 Rungs
  • PN: 030221 – 2 x 11 Rungs

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