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Redhill Steptek Classic Colour British Standard Safety Steps - Mobile Steps 2-5 Treads with Handrails

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British Standard Safety Steps

Steptek Mobile Safety Warehouse Steps

  • Thread types: Ribbed Rubber, Anti Slip Treads
  • Number of treads: 2, 3, 4, 5
  • PN’s: S360, S362, S364, S366 – Ribbed Rubber Treads
  • PN’s: S361, S363, S365, S367 – Anti Slip Treads
  • Average working height: 2m, 2.26m, 2.52m, 2.77m
  • Platform height: 508mm, 762mm, 1016mm, 1270mm
  • Overall Height incl. rails: 1460mm, 1715mm, 1965mm, 2220mm
  • Overall Width: 616mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
  • Overall Depth: 730mm, 915mm, 1075mm, 1240mm
  • Colours: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Grey, Sandstone, Orange, White
  • Platform width: 406mm
  • Platform depth: 406mm
  • Weight: 14, 16, 19, 22

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British Standard Safety Steps Range

BS EN 131-7:2013 Mobile Ladders with Platform 

The following is the key criteria (plus more) to certifying a set of mobile steps to BS EN 131-7:2013.

They detail what to look out for when comparing British Standard Safety Steps to others claiming to be ‘certified’.
This European Standard defines the general design characteristics of mobile ladders with platform.

It applies to mobile ladders with a working platform, maximum of 1m2, and a maximum platform height of 5000mm, to be used only by one person at a time.

The maximum load is 150kg which includes a maximum combined load of the user and any tools, equipment and materials.
EN 131-7:2013 is the only standard that applies to mobile ladders with platform.

Parts 1-6 of the EN131 standard, specifically state that they do not apply to mobile ladders.

Ascending Treads

The minimum tread depth is 80mm.
The maximum gap between the treads is 50mm.
The minimum 1st tread height is 150mm from the ground, the maximum is the tread spacing plus 40mm.
The minimum tread spacing is 200mm (after the 1st tread, from surface to surface) and must be constant, the maximum is 250mm.
Ascending treads must also pass torsion and bending tests according to the standard


The mobile step must pass a stability test. This test is a side pull where 750N test load is applied to the most unfavourable position on the platform.

For indoor use a horizontal pulling force of 300N is applied gradually to the side of the platform in the most unfavourable position and direction.

The test is passed if the mobile ladder does not overturn

Spring Loaded Steps

For steps with spring loaded castors a test load of 200N is applied in turn to each ascending tread and platform. The test requirement is that both feet of the side of the step where the load is applied shall be in contact with the floor during the test

Marking, User and Safety Instructions

Marking shall be displayed as specified in the standard. These must also pass a durability test and be specific to the individual mobile ladder showing important visual safety pictograms and also manufacturing information.

User instructions shall be provided as specified in the standard. These are supplied with the steps and also available the QR code.

Prevention of Falls
(Guardrails and Middle Rails)

The minimum handrail height is 950mm.
The maximum handrail height is 1100mm.
The guardrails and middle rails shall avoid a sphere of 470mm diameter to pass.

Handrails/Guardrails/Middle Rails

The ascending handrail should be positioned so the lowest grab point is a maximum of 1000mm from the ground.
Handrails/Guardrails must also pass multiple strength and deflection tests according to the standard.

Working Area Dimensions
(enclosed handrail area)

The minimum working area dimensions are 400mm wide x 400mm deep x 950mm high.
The maximum working area dimensions are 1000mm wide x 1000mm deep x 1100mm high.

Platform and Toe Board Dimensions

The minimum platform dimensions are 400mm wide x 400mm deep with a 50mm toe board to 3 sides.

The maximum platform dimensions are 1000mm wide x 1000mm deep.

The platform must also pass multiple strength and deflection tests according to the standard.


These are the only steps of their type (at time of print) to be awarded with the British Standard Kitemark from the BSI.

The award of the BSI Kitemark for this range of mobile safety steps demonstrates a new benchmark for quality and reliability in this sector.

Classic Castors system

Fitted with dome covered spring loaded swivel castors which retract when weight is applied to the steps, giving firm contact with the floor.

Dome covers have a double rolled bottom edge together with a protective cover strip and grey non marking tyres.

Tread Clamps

Ribbed rubber treads models are supplied complete with tread clamps ensuring high visibility and preventing edges from peeling

British Standard Safety Steps – 150kg Max Load

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