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Cresco 20SW Estate Broadcast Spreader for All Seasons

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Cresco 20 Broadcast Spreader  – The Estate Spreader for Every Season

  • Recommended for use on areas 500m2 to 3500m2
  • Go from spreading salt to fertiliser in seconds with the adjustable slide
  • Tested over 1000 hours of continuous use.
  • Large agitator to increase flow
  • Offers over 20 different settings and border control, generic spreaders only offer one.
  • New hopper mould ensures no product will be left in the hopper

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Cresco 20SW Estate Broadcast Spreader for All Seasons

Your property needs year-round maintenance and this includes spreading salt in the winter, and fertilizer in the summer.

You need a spreader that’s just as comfortable in the snow and ice as it is the sparkling sunshine, and that’s what the Cresco 20SW offers you.

By changing out the adjustable slide, you can go from spreading salt to fertilizer in seconds, achieving the same high-quality results with both.

There’s no point having a great fertilizer spreader and fighting with it to get it to put out salt all winter.

Go with the spreader that’s perfectly adapted to spreading both products – the Cresco 20SW.

Load bearing capacity – 45KG
When using don’t exceed 30KG


Suitable for All Seasons

3 Drop Hole Fertilizer Slide 

High Output Salt Slide

 Border Control

 Pneumatic Tyres

 Stainless Steel Axle Assembly

High-Speed Self-Centring Large Gearbox

Solid Rod On-Off Linkage

New Design – Fully Emptying Hooper


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How to Assembly Cresco 20SW


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